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Photo of Attorney Pruitt seated on a tall stool
Photo of Attorney Pruitt seated on a tall stool

The Importance Of Establishing Estate Planning

If you are thinking about establishing a will or trust in Texas, Pruitt Law Group, PLLC, is here to guide you through all of the legal details. As a member of Wealth Counsel, attorney Kathryn Lanigan Pruitt understands the concerns Texas families have over the fair and efficient transfer of wealth. She provides estate planning representation to clients in Frisco and surrounding communities.

More Than 27 Years Of Legal Experience

Attorney Kathryn Pruitt has the experience to help you craft the key legal documents you need. In particular, she can assist you with:

  • Last will and testaments: With a will in place, you can decide how your wealth and assets will be divided upon death. A carefully crafted will makes your intentions clear, sparing your loved ones from uncertainty and dispute. If you have minor children, you may use a will to designate a trusted person to serve as their guardian in the event you are not able to care for them yourself.
  • Trusts: Trusts take many forms, but most are designed to protect assets. Many types of property can be placed in a trust, including real estate, bank accounts and personal possessions. In some cases, trusts allow assets to pass directly to beneficiaries upon the trust grantor’s death, sparing them from passing through probate. People use trusts to benefit a wide range of beneficiaries, from their favorite charities to loved ones with special needs.

Your estate planning needs are not like anyone else’s. After listening to your goals, Kathryn can establish a legal and financial plan of action that truly places your wishes at the forefront.

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