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Photo of Attorney Pruitt seated on a tall stool
Photo of Attorney Pruitt seated on a tall stool

Place Your Future In The Hands Of A Trusted, Caring Family Law Firm

Family law matters can have a profound effect on your future. From divorce to custody disputes to property division, the outcome of your case can affect everything from your personal financial well-being to your parental rights.

Clients of Pruitt Law Group, PLLC, can rest assured they have a team led by a top attorney protecting their future. Frisco attorney Kathryn Lanigan Pruitt has more than 27 years of experience handling complex divorces, high-conflict custody disputes and other sensitive family law matters. She has been Board Certified in Family Law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization since 2009, a distinction held by fewer than 1% of attorneys in Texas.

A Versatile Family Law Practice

The team at Pruitt Law Group, PLLC, is prepared to handle any family law problem in Texas, including:

  • Divorce: A skilled divorce lawyer can guide you through all aspects of the dissolution of your marriage, including important financial matters such as spousal maintenance and the division of marital assets. Kathryn has the experience to handle the most complex divorces, including those involving the division of business assets.
  • Possession and conservatorship: Commonly referred to as custody and visitation, the outcome of these matters will play a significant role in your parent-child relationship moving forward.
  • Parentage: Also known as paternity, parentage is the process of assigning legal parental status to a father.
  • Fathers’ rights: Every parent should play a meaningful role in their child’s life. Kathryn stands up for fathers who feel they are being shut out.
  • Modifications: If your legal orders no longer suffice, Kathryn can help you seek a modification. She also handles enforcement orders.
  • Prenuptial agreements: With well-crafted documents in place, you can enter into marriage free from nagging legal and financial concerns.

When disputes arise, the team at Pruitt Law Group, PLLC, explores amicable solutions whenever possible. While her team is trained to prepare for courtroom litigation where warranted, Kathryn believes courtroom battles are best reserved for when it is the only way to protect her clients’ rights and the best interests of their children.

Speak With An Attorney Who Cares And Can Help

To arrange a confidential consultation with an experienced family law attorney in Frisco, contact Pruitt Law Group, PLLC, today by telephone at 469-888-8829 or online by filling out a brief contact form.