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Photo of Attorney Pruitt seated on a tall stool
Photo of Attorney Pruitt seated on a tall stool

Legal Representation For Contested And Uncontested Divorce

Anger, frustration or a desire for retribution sometimes stand in the way of a sensible, cost-effective resolution in a divorce case. Attorney Kathryn Lanigan Pruitt applies a mix of knowledge, tenacity and compassion to assist her clients in overcoming these obstacles to reach a successful resolution. Kathryn offers her clients sound guidance in navigating the turbulence of the divorce process and urges them to keep their end goals in mind and to promote those goals through every interaction and decision in the case.

As one former opposing counsel states, “Kathryn possesses the unique skills of a zealous advocate both inside and outside of the courtroom. She is a pleasure to work alongside and across from in a case.”

Representing clients in family courts throughout Denton, Collin and Dallas counties, Kathryn uses her comprehensive knowledge of Texas family law to put her clients in the best possible position to begin their post-divorce life. She emphasizes clear communication throughout so that clients have a full understanding of the law as it applies to child custody and support, property characterization, property division, spousal maintenance, business interests and other issues.

A Staunch Advocate Who Will Protect Your Rights

Kathryn has practiced law for more than 27 years and has focused on family law since 2004. She believes that author Stephen Covey got it right when he said, “Begin with the end in mind.” Kathryn applies her knowledge and experience to help her clients evaluate their property and family situation and determine what a successful end to their case might look like. Then, she works with them to develop a step-by-step legal roadmap to maximize the potential of reaching their goals.

Some cases will have a more complex plan than others, but whether simple or complex, Kathryn has the skill and experience to guide her clients along the way. She is adept at navigating the intricacies of the characterization and division of complex marital property, as well as advising a parent on how to co-parent the children through the transition to separate households.

Kathryn is committed to taking a very hands-on approach to her clients’ cases from start to finish. She works directly with her clients to set realistic goals and develop a plan to move their case forward. Her in-depth knowledge of her clients’ individual situations and the applicable laws assists her in representing their interests and maximizing their results. She feels that her personalized approach makes it easier for her clients to discuss goals, ask questions and reach out for support.

Knowing that you have a lawyer who is truly invested in your long-term future at such a difficult time is immensely reassuring. To schedule a consultation about your particular needs and concerns, contact the Frisco office online or by telephone at 469-888-8829.

When Business Assets Are Divided In A Divorce

In high net worth divorce cases, the property division portion of the case is often complex, but becomes even more complex when business assets are at stake. If you face divorce in Texas and you or your spouse own an interest in a business, the outcome of your property division proceedings will play a significant role in your financial future and the future of the business. Key concerns in divorces involving business owners include:

  • Keeping the business operational during and after the divorce
  • Whether the business interest will be characterized as community or separate property
  • Valuing the business interest, including determining the proper valuation method and considering business/commercial goodwill vs. professional/personal goodwill

Attorney Kathryn Lanigan Pruitt has more than 17 years of experience handling complex, high-asset property division in divorce cases. She has longstanding relationships with qualified and experienced business appraisal experts who know how to accurately assess and value business assets to assist her in protecting the financial interests of her clients.

Explore Your Options

Oftentimes the best option for dividing a business in a divorce is for one spouse to buy out the other. If one spouse was the primary decision maker for the business during the marriage, it makes sense for that spouse to remain with the business after the divorce.

It’s relatively rare and generally not recommended for both spouses to remain business partners after divorce, but this is another option, especially if the divorce was amicable and it serves both spouses’ financial interests to move forward as co-owners.

Both spouses may also decide to sell the business to a third party upon divorce. There are a number of options. The attorneys at Pruitt Law Group, PLLC, aided by experienced and qualified business appraisal experts, will work with you closely to help you understand the various ramifications and how they will affect your long-term financial interests.

Discuss Your Legal Needs With An Experienced Lawyer

Whether you or your spouse owns an interest in a business, you deserve a fair outcome in property division proceedings. To speak with an experienced divorce attorney who can protect those interests, contact Pruitt Law Group, PLLC, online or by telephone at 469-888-8829.